If you’re just getting started in property investing, don’t expect to become an expert overnight. Yes, you’ll indeed make money by buying and selling RERA approved plots. However, it takes knowledge, determination, and skill. It also helps to know a variety of the classic mistakes that others make once they begin investing in property to assist you to avoid making them too.

Of course, tons of emotion goes into buying a house. You can love an area so much, you’ll feel that you simply must own it at any price. But a couple of years into a mortgage, if your dream house has not grown into the inflated price you paid, it becomes a recipe for buyer’s remorse. 

Not only is the house well worth the same—or less—than you paid, but you miss out on financial advantages that accompany home equity like eliminating the added expense of mortgage insurance, and therefore the ability to use your home’s equity to leverage credit. So keep reading to find out the highest tips to make sure you get a good deal in the property market and avoid overpaying for a house.

Be patient!

First, I would like to speak about how I started my journey as a true estate investor. I also made tons of mistakes and one such mistake was being impatient.

I was just buying properties to add properties to my portfolio, so I could call myself a grand real estate investor. But I wasn’t generating a better life for me and my loved ones. Thankfully, I awakened and smelled the roses and sold out of that portfolio. Then, I restarted my journey in real estate investment of Gated community plots in Chennai.

The message for you is this: you’ve got to be patient once you start your land investment journey. Be very patient; don’t rush in and don’t jump into it.

Get familiar with your RERA approved plots market

You also need to become an expert in the particular region you’re curious about. We’ve talked about the lecture with tons of individuals. Now let’s mention some of the information, stats, and analytics.

Immerse yourself in anything and everything that you simply possibly can find online when it involves what properties are selling for on the MLS:

  • What are the price points?
  • What are renovated properties of RERA approved plots selling for?
  • What are distressed properties selling for?
  • What are properties renting for?
  • How much are you able to buy a distressed property for?
  • What can you sell a renovated property for?

Check out Craigslist and Facebook. Leave no stone unturned, if you want to become a master in the market on everything that’s happening in that particular area consistent with Land promoters in Chennai.

You’ll get tons of insight from the folks you’re meeting with. And also you’ll educate yourself on all the web stats, demographics, and comparable sales. In my opinion, after a good amount of your time, you’ll become a RERA approved plots market expert.

You’ll know the true value of a renovated property and what a bargain is once you see it. Then you can make a decision very quickly because you understand the market value.

Underestimating Expenses

Every homeowner can attest to the very fact that there’s far more to owning a house than simply making the mortgage payment. It’s no different, of course, for property investors. There are costs associated with yard upkeep and ensuring that appliances (such because the oven, washer, dryer, refrigerator, and furnace) are in working order, not to mention the worth of installing a replacement roof or making structural changes to the house. You also need to take into consideration insurance and property taxes.

The best advice is to form an inventory of all of the monthly costs related to running and maintaining a house (based upon estimates) before actually making a bid on one. If you plan to own tenants, once those numbers are added up and you add within the monthly rent, you’ll calculate an ROI which will offer you a better idea of whether the income will cover your mortgage and maintenance costs. This will tell you whether you can afford the property.

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